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   Monogram Fonts
When selecting your monogram style, keep in mind that the initial representing the last name appears in the center and is the largest. For example, if your name is Amanda Whitney Brown, your monogram would be ABW. If your name is Amanda Blythe and your husband's name is Charles Blythe, your monogram as a couple would be ABC.

One exception to the above rule comes when you prefer to have the initials all one height, such as on a man's shirt pocket.  In that case, the initials would appear in the order of first name, middle name, last name (as with the Lower Case Block monogram).

Thread color choices can be entered with your monogram order. If you'd rather choose "Best Match," then we'll pick the color we feel is the best coordinate. Note that computer monitors cannot display exact representations of thread colors.

Note: If you choose Greek font, please be sure to enter the whole sorority/fraternity/Greek organization name into the appropriate text field.
Monogram Script:

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